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Sunshine Vase


Nothing brings the sun in better than sunflowers. This bright, beautiful arrangement combines sunflowers and hydrangea in a stunning glass vase. Packaged with a layer of woven fabric and tied with a ribbon, this gift can be set on any windowsill to brighten any day.


Color: As seen in photo

Size: 20-25cm (w) x 35-40cm (h) including vase: Glass 10x30cm


Sunflowers – Ecuador

Hydrangea - Baguio

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Additional Info

Taking Care Of Your Flowers:

Keep your Flowers in a vase of water. The Vase should be half full of clean room temperature water and make sure no leaves are submerged. Change the water every two days. Every time you change the water, cut 1 to 2 inches from the bottom of the flower stem. Use a sharp set of clippers under water and ensure to cut at an angle so there is more surface to absorb the water. Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight and heat that cause the flowers to wilt.

Our Fresh Flower Policy:

We strive to deliver the freshest and most beautiful flower arrangements possible. With this in mind, some deliveries will require substitution of materials based on availability. These items include flowers, fillers, or packaging.  You will always receive an arrangement of comparable or higher value.